Why Video Is the Next Performance Marketing Category

Growth Hacking

I spent a large part of my digital career selling retargeted display ads. It was a good product, and I was passionate in my belief that they helped marketers. It felt innovative and cool at the time because breakthroughs in precision audience targeting and dynamic creative actually changed consumer behavior. Later, advances in offline sales measurement allowed the marketer to underwrite the spend based on total sales versus just online sales.

Today, I’m not so bullish on display. In fact, I’ve largely given up on it. We haven’t seen a ton of innovation with the medium recently (outside the rise of self-service platforms). It’s true that brands are gaining cost efficiencies by bringing it in-house, which is great, but it’s not exactly something that lights my hair on fire anymore.

All technology—digital advertising included—follows a well-worn path: Some new innovation dazzles the market that’s tested by early adopters. Once it gains traction, it enters an efficiency phase, with emphasis on standardization and automation in order to lower costs. All phases are critical to advancing an industry, of course. That being said, I personally thrive in the innovation phase.

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