Who Should Be in Charge of Producing Content?

Growth Hacking

When it comes to creating content, most companies leave it entirely to a small team to manage everything. What those companies may not realize, though, is that there’s a two-in-one benefit that accompanies engaging your entire organization in the content creation process: Your content quality skyrockets, and so does employee satisfaction.

At PowerPost, each employee is tasked with writing upward of four content pieces a month. The content must be relevant, accurate, and offer a distinct point of view. And it’s this third point that has become an unintended (yet pleasant) surprise.

We’ve found that, through content creation, many of our employees have unleashed untapped potential and found what they’re passionate about. Some of our more reserved employees discovered an outlet to express their viewpoints, and that helped drive their confidence and career acceleration. And the employees who were already known for their strong opinions were able to build their online reputations with our platform.

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