Visual Studio Code just keeps getting better – with extensions

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I’ve been a fan of Visual Studio Code (the free code editor) since it was released. But even though it continues to update itself as I use it, I didn’t really grok how much cool stuff has been going on under the hood.

As of this writing. VSCode is on version 1.7.1. Here’s the highlights of this new version:

But the REAL star and the REAL magic in VS Code – IMHO – is the growing VS Code Extension Gallery/Marketplace. Go check it out, but here’s just a taste of the cool stuff that plugs nicely into Visual Studio Code.

Great Visual Studio Code Extensions

  • Docker Support – This extension adds syntax highlighting, snippets and additional intellisense for Dockerfiles and docker-compose files in Visual Studio Code.
  • Cordova Tools – Code-hinting, debugging and integrated commands for Apache Cordova (PhoneGap). With added support for the Ionic framework.
  • Bash Debugger – Debug those massive bash scripts you know you have.
    • PHP, Go, Ruby, C#, C++, JS, Rust and more.

What are your favorite VS Code extensions?

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