These Are the 4 Key Characteristics You Need to Look for When Hiring

Growth Hacking

Have you found your business growing lately and are in need of more workers? Adding a workforce team should be handled with care, as there are so many different routes you can take, each with its own result and outcome.

For your business, you want to make sure the contractors, employees, and/or freelancers you end up hiring will be the best possible choices. These can make or break your business, and you already know the hurdles you are faced with when growing your team.

In this article, I spoke with Connor Gillivan, co-founder and CMO of FreeeUp, an online hiring platform that recruits, vets, and interviews hundreds of freelancers each week. Connor understands the importance of adding experienced workers to a business. Add his insights to your utility belt of tricks when you have to grow your company with new hires.

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