Review: Razer Wolverine Ultimate (Xbox/PC)

General Tech

It isn’t too often that I think back on a game controller fondly. I think the only exception is the Nintendo WaveBird, arguably the first great wireless controller, which was frickin’ life-changing. Nowadays, most folks probably stick to the bundled controller that comes with whatever console they buy.
That’s why I was surprised when I picked up Razer’s Wolverine Ultimate to play for the first time. This is a really, really nice controller. It’s customizable (two alternate analog sticks and one d-pad are included), ruggedly-built, has Razer’s signature Chroma lighting, and includes a carrying case. It has a pleasant grippy texture on the back of the hand holds that didn’t slip no matter how sweaty my mitts got. The triggers have adjustable amounts of throw so you can make them super sensitive if you play a lot of shooters. Plus, there are extra buttons beneath the controller and between the regular bumpers you get to program yourself—for a total of six additional keys.
What I might have loved the most about this controller is its clicky, short-throw face buttons. X, Y, B, and A don’t have the squishy movement a stock Microsoft controller has. Don’t get me wrong—the Microsoft controller is good, it’s just that I prefer how precise and fast these buttons felt to use. The included magnetically-attached swappable sticks seem like they’d be useful to some, but I ended up only changing the D-pad out for the more traditional one-piece D-pad. Razer’s default directional pad has separate arrow buttons, which I didn’t like using.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate



Clicky, responsive face buttons feel so good. Chroma lighting is fun, even if you just set a custom solid color. 6 extra buttons are fully programmable. Rubber, grippy texture on the back feels lovely. Two swappable sticks and a d-pad let you fine-tune the layout. High-quality USB cord is long and feels durable. Works with Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs natively. Chat controls are nice to have.


Lack of wireless is completely baffling. Xbox button doesn’t light up, which looks weird compared to typical Xbox controllers. Razer Synapse app is confusingly laid out on the Xbox. The exact same price as the superior Xbox Elite Wireless controller.