PowerSKin PoP’n Attachable Battery Pack for Micro-USB Smartphones and Devices, White


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PowerSkin PoPn battery chargers provide a big boost of power within a slim external pack. The flexible and sturdy Flex Tip Connector provides an easy connection for on-the-go charging. The suction cups allow you to quickly and easily attach the charger to your smartphone or other portable devices. The adhesive cups conveniently stick to most existing cases. This allows you to STICK IT and GO without breaking stride, because battery life is life. 24 small suction cups securely and firmly attach the hybrid charger to your device or case. PoPn can stick to any flat and non-porous surface, but the best way to check is to put it to the test. If any suction cup sticks to your phone there’s a pretty good chance PoPn will too. Will PoPn plug into my device ? With the bendable tip adapter, PoPn can connect to most smartphones. If you have a protective case, you’ll want to make sure that it allows enough space around the smartphones connector port for PoPn to make a connection. Will PoPn cover your ports, connectors, and cameras. Depending on how you position PoPn, it may cover your camera lens, but it generally doesn’t cover any of the ports or connectors. But hey, you can always pop PoPn on-and -off if you need to take a quick picture. My smartphones connector port is on the side, ill PoPn work for my phone. For optimal use and safety, we recommend that all the suction cups on PoPn be securely attached to your device. Can I use my original smartphone cable to recharge my PoPn if it has a micro-USB tip. Yes, you should be able use the original smartphone cable to recharge your PoPn. In some cases, there may be proprietary technology embedded in the cable of PoPn that will not allow use of the original cable with other accessories. Your PoPn uses a specially formulated lithium polymer battery cell with XPAL Power safe circuitry to ensure safe charging of your case and smartphone.Slim 2000 mAh rechargeable battery in 10mm-thin case
Flex Tip Micro USB Connector bends up to 90 degrees fits over most cases
Innovative heat-injected soft rubber suction cups attach charger to most phones and cases

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