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I’m working on this slide as support for this excellent .NET Glossary. It’s not done yet, but I’m curious for your thoughts. Every system has terms and concepts that are initially unfamiliar but make sense once you grok them.

Here are these concepts used in an example sentence, for context:

  • Application Framework – “Are you using the ASP.NET Core web framework for that microservice?”
  • Metapackage – “I want to install the ASP.NET Core framework; it’s a package of packages”
  • Package/NuGet – “I know there’s a NuGet package for decoding JSON.”
  • Library/Assembly – “Now, you’ll compile your source into an assembly”
  • .NET Standard – “Which version of the .NET Standard specification does your assembly target?”
    • “My Apple Watch supports .NET Standard 1.6 but my Windows 10 laptop supports 2.0 with more APIs.”
  • C#, F#, VB, etc – “Which language did you use?”
  • .NET SDK – “Did you get the developer tools?”
  • CLR/CoreCLR – “Which runtime is your app using?”
  • An implementation of .NET is a runtime along with libraries that implement a version of the .NET Standard
    • “Are you using .NET Core, .NET Framework, or Mono for this project?”
  • Platform – An operating system and some hardware (ARM, x64, etc.)
    • “Is that an ASP.NET Core app running in Docker on a Raspberry Pi?”

Constructive feedback, please. This is a draft.

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