80 Percent of B2B Buyers Expect Real-Time Interaction

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There has long been a debate among businesses as to how their buyers buy, largely expressed in the terms of business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). A business purchase, such as selecting a blog software, is very different from a consumer shopping for a road bike.

Or is it? Jay Baer has said, “Our personal and commercial lives have collided in unprecedented ways.” The behaviors and attitudes we’ve adopted in recent years—thanks to our daily exposure to smartphones, social channels, and other tech advancements—are blending into our business lives.

In other words, our expectations of companies when we’re in the role of “business buyer” are advancing along a similar path as our expectations as consumers. A recent study by Salesforce Research, “State of the Connected Customer,” validates this idea in a new set of research, proving all buyers have the same fundamental expectations regardless of the type of purchase.

This research surveyed more than 7,000 consumers and business buyers globally. In the report, consumers reported “their personal purchasing, service, technology, and engagement preferences,” while business buyers self-identified as “employees having purchasing power on behalf of B2B companies.”

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