7 Advanced Strategies for Google Shopping

Growth Hacking

Competing in Google Shopping is tough—there’s no denying it. When you consider that Google Shopping spend has overtaken spend on the search network in the US, accounting for 56 percent of spend by retailers and 46 percent of clicks, it is now more important than ever for retailers to have a solid, well thought-out Google Shopping strategy. Below are seven highly effective, advanced strategies for maximizing your performance on the Google Shopping platform.

1. Segment by Search Query

First, segment your products depending on the type of search query. Performance varies significantly depending on the type of search query. For example, if somebody is searching for “Nike trainers,” you might want to bid more than if somebody was simply searching for “trainers,” because Nike trainers are generally more expensive a well-known brand, so shoppers are more likely to convert.

This can be done by creating two separate Google Shopping campaigns containing “trainers” and then adding branded terms as negative keywords in one. This will then become your non-branded campaign where you want to reduce bids. The other will then become your Nike branded campaign, where you will want to increase your bids.

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