4 Marketing Techniques for Grabbing the Spotlight in 2017

Growth Hacking

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Have you ever tried to identify the best voice in a barbershop quartet? How about in a choir? If there are only three or four people singing, it isn’t terribly difficult to pick out the individual voices. Once that number of singers swells to 20—or even 200—it gets a little more difficult to separate the Brian Wilsons from the David Hasselhoffs.

This exact conundrum describes the climate in which brands currently vie for attention. Most Americans are exposed to a cacophonous 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day, and if brands aren’t strategic, their marketing messages will only blend into this ever-growing choir of noise.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Nowadays, brands need to find innovative opportunities to grab the spotlight, quiet the choir, and take a rousing vocal solo. The traditional marketing cocktail of TV commercials, pop-up ads, and tweets just doesn’t get the job done anymore.

Twenty-five percent of all American households have cut the cord and stopped watching live television, and the remaining 75 percent are increasingly recording their favorite shows and skipping the ads. Digital ads are losing their kick because nearly 70 million Americans are using an ad blocker, which represents a 34.4 percent spike from 2015. And worse, in 2017, the number of ad-blocking Americans is expected to jump to nearly 90 million.

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