3 Reasons Your Brand Should Ditch the Dot-Com

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Did Saturday Night Live predict the future of the internet in 1999? Some might say they did, in a spoof commercial where Chris Parnell expresses the level of trust he places in “Dillon/Edwards,” a fictitious investment firm forced to use a ridiculous domain name because it waited too long to get on the Internet. That domain name? “Clown Penis Dot Fart.”

Why was this skit so funny? Because clownpenis.fart is a terrible domain name for an investment company (and for most companies). SNL tapped into something quite serious with its parody advertisement: Domain names matter. But what’s especially cutting-edge about the SNL skit is the use of the domain extension “dot-fart”—and not just for its comedic value. SNL, whether they intended it or not, predicted a transformation that is taking place on the internet right now dubbed the not-com revolution.

What Is Not-Com, and What Does It Mean for Business?

Since 1999, countless companies have snapped up some of the best domain names with the usual suspects dot-com (.com) and dot-net (.net). This has forced some business to scramble for a consolation web address, which might look like a reasonable solution on paper but winds up being long, unwieldy, difficult to say or spell, and impossible to print on business cards.

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